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The Empty Nest Syndrome

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The busyness of life can swallow up so many years and aspects of the changes that we experience, and if you have raised children, when the time comes for them to ‘flee the coup’, you can find yourself in a very unusual and sometimes sad and depressing situation.

It may be a gradual process at other times it can seem like it happens overnight. When I was faced with cooking for two instead of a family of six, it took me quite a long time to adjust. Overtime I found that having had my children early in life, I was now given an opportunity to find a new purpose.

As my life situation and our homelife changed, I found this beautiful poem that I resonate so much with:



Out of a sense of loss of the empty nest came a sense of purpose. Even after experiencing Grandchildren, and going through the excitement of buying baby equipment, and having babies once again to care for, they too eventually grow and move on with their lives, and so the merry- go-round of the human experience continues.

When this happens for a second time, you realise that you have a chance to take life with both hands and celebrate the opportunities that an empty nest can bring.

The things that you never had time for before now become an invitation to grow again. You can do anything you put your mind to and find another purpose to your life.

It is your time – so enjoy!

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