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A storybook world brought to life!

Since 2003 I have spent a large part of my life developing and creating merchandise, and writing books for children.


Fingley World® is a world where children can enjoy characters such as Dodl Bear, Dottie, Drakon the Dragon, Skye the Pixie, Professor Plenticus, Ursula the Witch and The Brackens.

The Kingdom of Grednor, the wicked Elbacs, Winged Scawingers, Gobblers and Big Foots!

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Fingley World®

Fingley World®

The Great Bear Constellation twinkles high above you in the night sky. This is where you can discover Fingley World,  a unique Eco-kingdom...home to the Fingley folk.


Meet Dodl and Dottie, Fingley the Talking Tree, Ursula the Witch, Merle Goblinwand, Professor Plenticus, and many more, as you read about their adventures.

In this new series of children's books we aim to capture the imagination and provide children of all ages with a fun, inspirational and adventurous approach to mindfulness by living... THE FINGLEY WAY!


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