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Dodl Bear for Children

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Having created The Original Reikibear for adults, I soon realised that children would benefit from having their own Reikibear too, so this is when Dodl Bear was created.

His name Dodl means... 'Doing Ordinary Deeds Lovingly' encouraging children to be kind, caring and mindful. All you need do to activate the Reiki energy is give him a cuddle... he loves to be loved.

It's a Dodl... Affirmation Cards

2022-10-04 - Dodl Book & Card Bundle.jpg

Children love to have their own affirmation cards too, they help them to be mindful and focus. When you introduce these cards to children, they feel empowered, helping them to become creative in their approach to learning.


The little illustrated book that accompanies the cards encourages and shows children how the cards can be used.

They make a really good gift and when you ask children how they have used their card each day, you will also get feedback that you might find useful.



PLAY ... CARE ... LOVE ... LAUGH ... SMILE ... LISTEN ... LEARN ...

It's a Doddle... with Dodl Bear

dodl bears 004.jpg

Dodl bear is a best friend, playmate and comfort, to cuddle and love. He can help to soothe tears, calm nerves and have fun with. He is the traditional teddy bear with a special purpose... Dodl bear was created out of love for children, and our world... helping to make it a better place.

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