As a Yorkshire woman with a passion for writing, I have been on a  journey of deep understanding, changes of direction, doors opening and closing to me, whilst at the same time creating my own Publishing business and learning how to be of service to others. 

In my new book SERENITY IN THE STORM, I share some of the tools that over the last 40 years have enabled me to meet the opportunities and people that came forward in my journey of transformation when I least expected them.

Life can be full of twists and turns, abundance and lack. It is knowing how to ride the storm when it hits that enables growth and understanding. We are all seeking love and affection, our ‘inner child’ is their within, always needing approval or stimulation. When I allowed my inner child to have expression, that is when The Magical World of Fingley was born.

The inspiration for creating this land came from conversations I have had and writing I have done over the years. Exchanging stories, experiences and sometimes feeling as though I was quite alone, where my understanding seemed 'off limit' and too deep for me to share, beginning with my childhood which I so often needed to escape from, leaving me to live in my imagination conjuring up all kinds of situations and friends who were unseen, except to me!

A Yorkshire Lass

"I began to search for a new meaning to my life. I had lived through losing both my parents and grandparents. Our children were having children of their own, I found myself seeking ways to understand menopausal feelings, emotions and how the physical body needs to be cherished, fed, and loved...

Serenity in The Storm

When our lives are thrown into chaos, or we feel stuck, stagnant and desire change, how do we know if a challenge or obstacle comes for our own protection, or to spur us on to our goal? How heartening it can be to know that the next person, situation, or challenge could be the one that opens so many doors and provides learning and wisdom, and how disappointed we would be if we had given up and not followed through...

Happy Kids with Books

For Children...

Now more than ever, children need stability and the freedom to have a childhood that forms a creative and loving foundation for their lives.

Sadly, some children experience neglect, hardship and spend their young lives seeking the love and affection they need through a variety of formats that do nothing to enhance their imagination or creativity.

Since 2003 I have spent my life creating products, designing, and launching a children’s diner, and writing books for children...