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Never doubt that one person can change the world, we are all one person!

I seem to have lived my life 'back to front' meaning that I am now doing in my 70's things my contemporaries were doing in their 20's. Instead of carving out a career and future for myself mindfully, I was living in an age when women were either home makers, factory workers or secretaries. I became a Secretary then a full time Mum at 20 years of age and then at 30 years old I had my last child. Now I am a Grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren watching them grow as I watched their parents before them.

It's strange watching the empty nest situation happen with your Grandchildren. But changes are happening continuously and we need to change or else we become stagnant. Life is like a tapestry, from the reverse side is looks complicated, full of snags and knots, yet turn it round and the picture is amazing.

Anyone with an empathetic heart cannot deny that presently the world and its people need help, support, and healing as we experience all that is going on. Everywhere we turn we see dissention, anxiety, and stress. It is a critical and momentous time for healers, teachers, therapists, writers, artists, and world servers to collaborate and partner with others of like-mind to step forward. 

The current years will have been experienced as a raging storm and a turning point for many people. They have provided me with the opportunity to offer my simple words of encouragement, share my self-discovery, containing signposts to let you see that although life can be a challenge, you can always take steps to grow internally, enabling you to flourish and become the unique soul that you are, living a purpose you were born for.

A Yorkshire Lass

"I began to search for a new meaning to my life. I had lived through losing both my parents and grandparents. Our children were having children of their own, I found myself seeking ways to understand menopausal feelings, emotions and how the physical body needs to be cherished, fed, and loved...

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Serenity in The Storm


When our lives are thrown into chaos, or we feel stuck, stagnant and desire change, how do we know if a challenge or obstacle comes for our own protection, or to spur us on to our goal? How heartening it can be to know that the next person, situation, or challenge could be the one that opens so many doors and provides learning and wisdom, and how disappointed we would be if we had given up and not followed through...