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About Daisa Morgan

Daisa Morgan is a children’s author, creator of THE MAGICAL WORLD OF FINGLEY and a new Character ~ DODL BEAR®. His name means ‘Doing Ordinary Deeds Lovingly’. 


Daisa was born in South Kirkby, a small coal mining village in South Yorkshire, England at a time when each household grew most of the food that was eaten. A grand old 'Yorkshire Range' stood in pride of place waiting to bake home-made bread and warm the clothes in front of the fire, ready to face the cold winter mornings.


She remembers fondly an era that had a pace and quality all of its own, each person respecting one another and where children could play freely without a concern for their safety. They were carefree and happy days without pressure or suffer abuse on Social Media. Life was hard but it provided a standard and an ethic that built character.

Daisa's childhood was peppered with huge responsibilities that a young child would not be given today, but this experience has now provided her with an opportunity to have the 'childhood' she missed. She has created a magical world, a place of harmony, respect and adventure and a special character named DODL BEAR® - 'a heart on legs'.

Daisa has published five books, a Limited Edition Merrythought, British-made Dodl Bear plus a high-quality 'Mindfulness Collection' including The Fingley Bears and 'mindfulness cards'. 

As a progression of her work Daisa has acquired Film, TV & Radio Scripts and is actively seeking Film, T.V. and Radio opportunities for rolling the popular brands forward to mass market. 

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