Finding your Purpose or ... 

Does your Purpose find you?

I have found that most people, myself included, seem to have had a catalyst of some kind whether personal, financial, physical, or maybe all three, to enable them to remove the mask and turn within to find out who they really are and what they are capable of becoming and that can be a scary thing.



My favorite lessons at school were English Language, Music and Religious Education. Having failed my 11+ exam, I did then work to move onto a Commercial Course where Shorthand and Typing plus an understanding of the business world gave me the basic foundation that began my career, enabling me to understand the practicalities of eventually owning and running my own business.


In 2007 I was given the opportunity of buying an Eco house and living on The  Field of Dreams as a community member of The Findhorn Foundation which is located in the North East of Scotland and for the following three years, broadening my experience of living in an Eco environment and being part of a community of like-minded people consisting of other writers, musicians, poets, dancers and story tellers.


Over the years so many people have asked me to help them find their purpose but the only person who can do this is YOU! Your purpose walks beside you through your life, often opening doors and going unnoticed until you can stop and recognize synchronicities and seeming coincidences where you are right now.


It can be a seemingly insignificant happening, meeting a person, taking the right course of action that just feels right, even though it may not make logical sense to you or others. It's that indefinable 'knowing' that it just feels right for you.


This could be your purpose knocking on your door to begin the most interesting and adventurous part of your life. It can help you to set boundaries and find your voice, no-matter your age, wisdom or experience.

The Book of your Life is written one chapter at a time - as soon as we think 'that's it' - along comes another awakening and realization that it was just the end of another chapter ... not the end of the book.


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