The Original Reikibear® has been lovingly created and designed so that he can be used as a surrogate for you to offer comfort, love and healing to. When you can share your loving thoughts they become like seeds you can plant and grow with your mind.

The more love you give to a thought, the deeper it can become. The Original Reikibear® can help you to plant those seeds. You can give him to a child or adult for birthdays, special times and celebrations.

Please look after this special little bear, for in doing so you are helping to heal the world and bring Peace, Love and Harmony to yourself and others.

The Original Reikibear®

  • The Original Reikibear® is hand crafted in England by Merrythought Ltd.

    • 100% Mohair- B.S. 5665/EN71
    • He is 21” tall
    • He has amethyst coloured eyes
    • He has a golden ribbon around his neck.
    • He is fully jointed including his head.
    • He has purple coloured paws
    • He arrives in his own sturdy box/home complete with a comprehensive manual.
    • He has a pure silk pillow for you to rest his head.
    • Price includes V.AT.