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My ‘Invisible’ Friends

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

“Who are you talking to?”

So many times, I was asked this question as a child. I used to talk and sing to faces I could see, nature beings who were as real to me as people. I felt comforted by their presence. Each night I would look up at the ceiling and see so many faces smiling and singing to me that I used to sing back to them.

I would take my bike and make my way to the park with a bottle of water, some cream crackers or jam sandwiches and sit for hours watching butterflies, lady bugs, rabbits, and birds. Each one of them was alive in a different way to me. I could tell if they were happy or sad.

I had been brought up watching Disney films at the Saturday Matinee, where all the animals could talk and sing, so actually seeing them in my everyday life was quite normal, until one day I was told to stop telling fairy stories. That nothing I could see, or feel was real.

Somehow a shutter came down on my world, and over time the faces disappeared, and my ‘invisible’ friends disappeared too.

Leaving my childhood behind and growing through the years, this ability to see and hear ‘invisible’ energies has returned. My magical world has always existed, maybe other people can’t see or feel it … but I can.

I have taken all my feelings and experiences and created a storybook land where harmony, love and joy exist alongside humans, animals, and other creatures.

This land is called the Magical World of Fingley, where children and adults can visit anytime they like and connect with their ‘inner child’.

We never age … a childlike innocence is always there to be found within … when we take time to connect with it.

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