The Storm of Life

How and where do you find the strength and serenity to hold onto who and what you are when life throws a curveball at you and overnight your life changes? This is when we all discover how strong we really are and how we can apply that strength to understand and overcome adversity.

Each life situation can take you deeper into understanding the fullness of who you are and just as importantly what you are here to contribute to in order to make a difference to the world. It may seem as though the present circumstances of the whole world have us under ‘lock and key’, but when you change your perception and realise that your mind is part of you and you can change it at any time in collaboration with your spirit and your body, empowerment is yours!

We are born free, and you can witness this freedom in the eyes of the child as it grows. It is only when pressure to conform sets in that this freedom and innocence begins to shrink, but it is never lost. We can all ignite this flame of wonder and passion when we take the steps to understand ourselves and grow.

The more you practise meditation, walks in nature, and turn off the Television and Radio and cease reading words printed by others in mainstream media who have little or no knowledge about themselves, the better you will feel.

Empower yourself, re-connect with who you really are, lift up your spirit, look at how many other people are now on a similar pathway of discovery. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so why not open up your mind, body and soul and see just how true this is.

Freedom is yours when you set yourself free from the bars of self-imprisonment.

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