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The ability to heal lies within each person knowingly or unknowingly. So many times I have had the question posed to me, "can anybody be a Healer?"

I always answer, "how many times have you held a loved ones hand, or nursed a child through a cold, fever or virus? Or held held someone when they needed a hug? Or listened when a friend needed to share some profound and moving experience? All these are forms of healing."

Probably after you have experienced a situation such as these, your healing ability has been awakened and then something may happen that encourages you to step forward, until you eventually pick up a book, find a website, or see a listing for a healing course. This is when preparation is presenting itself ready for an opportunity. When the student is ready ... the teacher will appear.

I have experienced sharing/teaching healing and also absorbed the healing from others. Life is a great teacher. When you experience your head, heart and hands working together, you can be of service to the world.

My personal journey into healing began by becoming a Motherless daughter after caring for my Mum who died from a rare form of cancer at an early age. It then deepened as my grandchildren were born. I qualified as a Reiki Master in 1998 and I believe that all healing comes from the one source, the Universal Energy/Creator Source.

We are all part of this Creator Source, so therefore we all have the ability to heal when our intention is pure. If you feel drawn to follow your impulse to learn more, then look at the various books and websites that are now freely available. Over the past 30 years Reiki has become a well respected method of healing and is often used by Hospices, Hospitals and G.P's.

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