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I have been keeping a daily healing & prayers book for quite some time where the names, ailments, situations and opportunities are listed to help people in their time of need. I know from personal experience that healing and prayer can be powerful aids in our daily life. So many times in life we need to stop and connect with the deepest part of ourselves to take time and be grateful for what we have before we ask for help and guidance towards something we may need help with.

I was always taught to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ for everything I asked for and I have kept this as a practise in my life since then. Each morning I always say thank you for another day and each night I say thank you for the day that has passed. In-between I keep my Healing and Prayer book where all my requests are made and where my intention is to be of service to as many people and situations as possible. We can all keep a prayer and healing book, it is the best thing to do when all else seems futile. Prayer and healing are positive intentions that can help to change the world and the situations we all need help with from time to time.

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