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The current years are being witnessed as the opportunity to break down the old patriarchy that has been fashioning an outdated world to fully enter a new Golden Age of Consciousness. We are hearing the call for the end of individualism into a more partnered, holistic and collaborative approach to living. Keeping silent about whatever pushes your buttons is not healthy, so we need to find a way of understanding what these are, and how we can go about fixing them to become a light for the world.

These 'buttons' could be unexpressed emotional feelings, your experience of climate change, conforming to something you don't align with, losing your freedom of speech. Whatever it is, you have a choice to do something about it. 

My own life has taken many twists and turns in different directions some of which I share with you in my book. We all have an opportunity to become the best that we can be, and for me that means on all levels Mind - Body - Spirit. 

My intention is  to be part of the cure ... not part of the problem!

Why Me ... Why Now?

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The power of self discovery is within our own 'being'. Taking the time to appreciate how many facets make up your whole being is awesome. Your hands contain the means to heal your self and others by understanding how Universal Life Force manifests within you and the world around you.

Energy therapies like EFT Tapping and Reiki are now Universal in their appeal, and it is these along with meditation that are helping to unravel the fixed attitudes that exist. Integrated medicine is needed now more than ever before because we are all Mind - Body - Spirit.

Energy Therapy

It's Never Too Late!

My personal business journey began in 2003 as Daisa Original Designs Ltd, producing books and associated gifts. Since then the company has grown and developed into Partnership Publishing, a major Independent and Award Winning International Publishing House with four Imprints covering all genres. Every one of my life experiences has helped to create a working model, nothing has been wasted, and each experience, situation, person or challenge has made me what I am today.

I learn something new every day, and embrace the challenges along with the blessings, it's never too late to try again, it also helps enormously when you have a great team of people to journey with too.

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