The Story Behind The Story...

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Franklin D. Roosevelt once said "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." 


We all have a story to tell, and I love listening to and being part of publishing other people's stories. Some are very complex yet inspirational and others heartwarming and sad. Yet they all play a part in our lives whether we realise it or not. Navigating your way through life can be a precarious experience, but whatever doesn't kill you ~ will make you stronger!

In 2018 after recovering from a brain tumor procedure, I received the Women In Business Female Entrepreneur Achievement Award. This was for an entrepreneur who has initiative and dedication and who has also aspired to reach a goal in her chosen field. And having successfully achieved that goal is an inspiration to others.

This award was presented to me by Martine Wright MBE.  A very courageous and inspirational women who I felt very humbled to be sharing that moment with.

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Overcoming the many obstacles that have been experienced by so many businesses and personal lives since 2020, has been a huge challenge, so to be nominated and then be awarded this Yorkshire Prestigious Publishing Specialists of the Year has been a milestone for Partnership Publishing.

We are reaching all the corners of the world with our collaboration and partnership with writers and authors. Each day is different and from a very small beginning of self-publishing my own work to now be offering our spirited business model to others is an absolute joy.


It doesn't seem possible when I look at this photo of Mum and me that I am now in my 70's with so much of life behind me, and I hope a 'legacy' for my team to carry on with. Perhaps the coming years will allow for more stories to be written, more interesting opportunities for personal and business growth to happen ~ we all need to make the most of the time we have, which I call 'the eternal now'.

Some people want it happen ~ some wish it would happen ~ others make it happen.

Without all the encouragement, help, love and support from each person who has made a contribution in so many ways, this could never have happened.  THANK YOU