For Children

Now more than ever, children need stability and the freedom to have a childhood that forms a creative and loving foundation for their lives.

Sadly, some children experience neglect, hardship and spend their young lives seeking the love and affection they need through a variety of formats that do nothing to enhance their imagination or creativity.

Since 2003 I have spent my life creating products, designing, and launching a children’s diner,  and writing books for children with the intention of providing a make-believe land – The Magical World of Fingley where they can lose themselves in characters such as Dodl Bear, Skye the Pixie, and Aura the Pegacorn.

The Magical

World of Fingley

The Magical World of Fingley is a land where The Fingley Folk live. A sustainable yet magical world full of humour, adventure, and inspiration. Who wouldn’t like to live in an Eco Barrel House, or visit the Trading Post and Filter Critter to see how the water is purified?

Within my children’s books I have attempted to bring to life a world of kindness, and love, that encourages children with the intervention of Dodl Bear, to enter their imaginary world, to become anything they wish, and be able to speak for themselves or share their deepest secrets.


Dodl Bear

Dodl’s heart shaped face gives you a clue to his personality.


He is a genuine heart on legs and has been lovingly hand created by Merrythought Limited, in the UK to become a soft toy friend for life to children everywhere, no-matter what age.

He is a loveable main character who features in The Magical World of  Fingley book series.