Every women has their own personal story of survival against the greatest odds. BusyWings are committed to giving a listening ear and support to these women’s potential and help them create a better future for themselves and their children.

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(Paying it Forward)

BusyWings has been created by three women of differing ages and professions. Daisa Morgan, Florence Hannath and Jess Hoyle, each with their own knowledge, wisdom, and experience of what being a woman means today, and how women more often than not, are the nurturers and the ‘glue’ that holds the family unit together.

Many women are left to juggle the family finances, and provide meals and daily care for their elders too. Our aim is to help and support these women in whatever way we can through group support.



During 2020 and 2021 thousands of women were suddenly plunged into finding new ways to exist as they were left struggling to provide and care for their families whilst dealing with the trauma that lockdown brought. Jobs were lost, businesses had to close. Children lost time with their friends and home schooling became the norm.

Some families were torn apart through suicide and abuse. Domestic and child abuse figures increased, and many women felt invisible, that no-one cared. Babies were born, people died, and the decisions brought about by government and authority figures left most people in despair.

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Mission Statement

BusyWings has been created to give women a voice, a platform for their mental wellbeing to ask for emotional support, a listening ear, and eventually when groups are able once again to meet up in physical group meetings where the kindness, compassion and practical suggestions can be shared and felt by all group members, enabling women to once again, feel empowered for the future.