The Power of Self Discovery

So often in life we get opportunities to make a difference, and sometimes we side-step these because we think we are not smart enough or have enough confidence to take up the challenge. I was one of these people.

It has taken a considerable amount of honing and shaping myself to be able to now say with confidence I understand so much more than I did in my early adult life. When you are faced with death, trauma, and other life situations, you somehow tap into a higher awareness, and I found that when this happened to me it was as if I was on ‘automatic pilot’.

As if I was re-membering a lot of what I already knew but had forgotten or pushed to the back of my mind because I didn’t give myself enough time, care, and consideration. Once I began to practise meditation and open myself up to becoming an ‘orator’ I found my voice.

This has now become my mission, to speak about how I feel about life, share my experiences, and let others see how they too can have a life purpose buried beneath a lack of confidence, or self-belief. So, my adult books came about because I had an ‘itch’ that until I stopped to recognise what that was I was going round in circles, not finding the opening to get my words out to a wider audience.

Then one day it ‘clicked' with me, when I started listening to my still small voice. It began with direction for my life one step at a time. Gradually each step led me to an opening, until now over 25 years later I do have the confidence to write about my experiences with the intention of these helping and supporting other adults too.

Life is a journey of becoming, not settling for less than you truly know you can achieve, to leave something behind for others to benefit from. You may have the inclination to form a small support group or write your own story. Whatever it is, go for it, because staying silent will not benefit anyone. Take your courage in both hands and step forward into the light of your truth. The world needs more people who are willing to step forward and become the light for others.

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